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About Us

Abel and The Label is a positive family lifestyle brand and blog run by Mama of Two and illustrator Isabelle Ellen.
Starting her blog as a hobby about her journey through motherhood shortly after birthing her first child, Abel, at the brave and tender age of 19 she used her blog as an outlet and personal focus. As her blog grew she found it helped her grow something else, a business idea that she nurtured for two years and in August 2017 with the help from the Princes Trust has launched her first online shop. 
Inspired by her sons comfort in a tatty label that resides on the bottom of his precious best friend Ted, which seemed to take him to another place, where in that moment it was just him, still and calm. Isabelle was inspired to create a relaxing and positive lifestyle for her family to live and breathe. 
After struggling with mental health issues most of her life Isabelle decided she wanted to find happiness in life and set an example for her children on how to live a positive and mindful life, whilst having a healthy relationship with heir mental health. This is where Abel and the Label grew and really took off. Abel And The Label is a new and exciting illustration led brand and blog that shares one Young Moms personal journey to a more positive and mindful life for her, her fiancé Luke and their two children Abel and Elsie in the hope it may inspire others along the way . Creating illustrations and products that capture the magic and beauty in everyday life.
Most days you can find her battling her way through motherhood, capturing moments, writing, doodling and creating  with a green tea in one hand and child in the other.

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