I don't even know where to begin. These past two and a half years have been an immense stomach churning roller coaster. Two and a half years since I birthed my first half human. Two and a half years since I began searching for a personal, creative outlet. Two and a half years of a rather unstable mental state, dancing with the daisies one minute down in the dumps the next all whilst juggling mother hood, business ideas, cleaning, cooking, life admin, you get the picture.

Since popping out Abel and then little Elsie 18 very short months later I have grown ridiculous amounts. I started dabbling in the odd bit of mom blogging here and there as an outlet and focus (mainly so my brain cells didn't clog themselves solely with parent admin and die at three times the average rate from watching the same season of paw patrol repetitively everyday for a year.) I loved it. I took to it like a duck to water, a toddler to an 'abandoned' tub of Sudacrem, you may say. And then two kids and an unstable mental health condition kind of took a hold and all blog material seized.

It wasn't all bad, I missed blogging so much and taking time away has really helped me refocus my whole life. Having the kids I have finally reached the decision that I want to be happy. When you have kids surprisingly it doesn't just make you happy and clear you of mental health issues like I presumed. No one can truly make you happy except yourself. I have discovered that happiness is a choice. It's not something you just feel. You have to work for it. I have realised what I want most in life is to live a mindful, positive life and set an example to the kids. I want strong kids. I want them to have a positive way of dealing with their mental health woes should they experience any. I want to live and breathe mindfulness and positivity. I want my kids too. I want my fiancé too. I want to create my own little positive possey.

So that kind of brings us to where we are now. I am introducing my new baby to the world. Abel and The label. Inspired by Abel and his little comfort label attached to his teddy's bottom. Which sends him to another world where he escapes all the daily struggles of toddler life. He inspired me to start this journey, to escape life's stresses and figuring out a way of dealing with it all in a positive way.

I hope to take you all along my journey with me. The blog will be regularly updated with tips and tricks for a mindful and positive life, along with personal life updates, things that make me happy, clothes, shoes, illustrating and my kids. Also stuff that makes the kids happy.

The blog is not the only new addition we are welcoming. Abel and The Label (blog) has a sister. An online shop that offers tons of mindful merchandise, perfectly positive prints, affirmation cards and lots of new and exciting products to help you live a more positive and beautiful life one step at a time!

Life update one pretty much completed and thank you for taking the time to read my random ramblings.