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How I Lost Myself To Motherhood - A Personal Insight on Mental Health As a Mother

July 25, 2018




Being a mom is a marvellous thing.

A magical thing.

A tiresome thing.

A Beautiful thing.

A challenging thing.

A worrying thing.


If one thing is certain its a right rollercoaster.


From the second I found out I was pregnant all I wanted to be was an amazing mom, a mom that looked good, that felt good, who was happy, who enjoyed her children’s company, who cooked hearty wholesome meals for her kids to reminisce of for the rest of their lives. A mum who made educational games for her kids to play. But I never thought I would need to be the mom that had to put herself first sometimes.

I forgot that I still need to be me.  A new me, none the less, but a me that was cared for, that felt good inside and out.

It's so easy when becoming a mum to forget that without us, our children simply can't survive. So how can we raise them, teach them well, enjoy ourselves and love them if we forget to love and take care of ourselves first?


Well I forgot. 


I forgot about me.

I forgot that I matter.

I forgot that I need nutritional food. 

I forgot that I need to move about and not sit around all day.

I forgot I need sleep to function.

I forgot I need to socialise and leave the house once in a while.

I forgot my body is beautiful no matter my weight.

I forgot to look  in the mirror and smile at my reflection.

I forgot to have compassion for myself.

I forgot that I am allowed to change.

I forgot to do stuff that makes me happy.

I forgot to thank myself for being so wonderful.

I forgot to take care of myself so I can take care of everyone else.

I forgot I needed to still live my life.


And just like that I forgot who I was.

 All of these things that I think about for my children, that I want for them, that I teach them, that I provide for them every single day. I forgot I need to do that for myself too. I deserve to be taken care of. I deserve to be happy. I deserve to feel good.


So here's to sharing about my loss. The loss of my identity, to let you know if you are reading this and resinate that you are not alone, and as soon as you recognise and acknowledge the loss, use it as a pivotal point in your life to insinuate the change you need to see in your own world. 


At Abel and The Label we are all about positivity. I want to acknowledge and share my mental health journey with you all, as I am unravelling each issue that is affecting my mental health and share so we're not all alone. As I acknowledge how I feel that I have lost myself on the rollercoaster of motherhood I am using this recognition to move my life forward. 



To find my new priorities.

To find my new hobbies.

To find my new look.

To find my confidence.

To find my new routine.

To find my new life.

To find the new me.


Here's to an exciting new journey and acknowledging the change and the bad things in our life.


Out with the old and in with the new.



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