It's the Small Things - How My kids Inspire My Work

These tiny humans.

They fascinate me. Their fascination with life's simplest pleasures, the innocence they see the world with. Their need for simplicity in their life. Their need for discovery, their need for happiness, hugs, praise and all in which they find comfort. But most of all, their limitless imaginations.

I think theres a sadness that lies with me as I think of them growing up, not because they will no longer need me as much, but the fact that their imagination may take a hit, as they grow and learn the facts of life, as they take their own path and find their own career, there's that chance that as they become drowned in adult responsibility, their imagination, their curiosity for life, their need for discovery will get smothered by the burdens of being an adult. But there is hope. Because a part of me thought I had lost all of this as I became an adult I thought I was slowing losing my imagination my inspiration, and then I had the kids. My inspiration came in floods, my need for discovery came back, my curiosity is now ever growing and my inspiration and ideas have become limitless.

Being a mother is never straight forward. But I feel like it is so easy to get lost in the whirl wind of dirty nappies, the constant need for something else, the tantrums, the mess, but whilst getting caught up in the woes of motherhood and the intensity of being a parent you can easily loose sight of their innocence and the beauty a child's mind and manors contain.

Their curiosity.

They take every thing in. Every single thing they pass, every smell they smell, every sound they hear, every thing they touch they take it in, make a mental note, they appreciate life and its natural beauty. They notice the small things around, truly they don't need toys to have fun. I have opened my eyes to my surroundings, and as I watch their curious hands and eyes travel I get to go on that journey with them and document it, I get inspired by their minds and the things they take in.


Give them a few twigs, some dirt, a toy elephant, a saucepan and they can create a whole world out of all of these items that are just inanimate to us. Their imaginations are limitless. Both of the kids have their favourite toys, and every day they play independently when I'm pottering about cleaning and each time I pass they seem to be playing with it differently. Their minds are limitless.


The change in them from the smallest bit of positivity. Okay so this one may seem like common sense. Kids love praise, they are programmed to want to impress us (even when they are throwing your favourite vase around the room like a rugby ball after you've asked them very calmly 162 times not too). But I changed the way I spoke to my son, I praised him for every good thing that the did (big or small), and guess what? He blossomed. The good behaviours are so much more common and happen so much more on a daily basis and he is happier, he wants to do more. What if we all used this philosophy in life? What if we gave ourselves props for the small things we do, what if we celebrated ourselves more? Imagine all of the positive changes and the change in our own attitudes, we could move mountains, change lives, do anything we put our minds too.

Their thirst for learning.

My kids aren't at the age where they can talk yet (Abel has delayed speech) so they can't directly ask me questions, but they point to things, they wonder off, they touch things, smell things, they watch, they listen, I can see them. I can see the fascination in their eyes, the excitement when they learn a new animal, when they read a new book, when they taste a new taste. As I teach them these things they are curious about I'm learning too. These things I teach the kids I always use in my work.

Without the kids and their tiny little treasure chests they have for minds Abel and The Label wouldn't be where we are today. They inspire me and I will always be grateful for having them in my life.