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Why It Really Isn't Just You - Coping With Mental Illness Everyday

July 31, 2018


 Why It Really Isn’t Just You…


Mental health is a funny thing.


It feels strange me saying that because it rarely leaves me laughing (except when I have those hysterical hyperactive psychotic episodes, but we all get those right?) None the less I feel we are currently at the very beginning of a possible mental revolution. Society is just beginning to chip away at the mental health taboo. The conversation is beginning. The story is beginning to write its very first chapter. But there is a long way to go. None the less for these warriors and advocates taking these first steps in openly speaking about living with mental health are the beginning. They are setting the foundations. The stable foundations step by step in order for future advocates to build that next step and the next. Until it becomes an open conversation where we can walk each others paths and talk without fear of judgement. 


Everyone has mental health. Some of us have good mental health, some of us bad mental health, some of us have fluctuating mental health but we all have it. There are periods for most of us where our mental health take a bashing. We all go through tough times often leaving us feeling lost and deflated. For some of us these aren’t just phases caused by circumstantial factors (none the less circumstantial factors are no less valid reason for our mental health taking a bashing and everyones feelings are valid) my point is some of us experience our darkest moments on our brightest days, the clouds hide the sun, your mind feels like there is a draught, there is no life in your world, everything is monotone, there is no sun, there is no rain it's all dry and it's crippling.


But I want you to know its not just you.

It’s not just you that hasn’t showered or washed for the past week.

It’s not just you that hasn’t brushed your teeth for 10 days straight.

It’s not just you that has matted hair because you cant remember the last time you brushed it.

It’s not just you that skips meal times because you cant muster the energy to prepare food.

It’s not just you that hasn’t eaten anything nutritional for months.

It’s not just you that eats fast food for ‘just one more day’.

It’s not just you that hasn’t left the house and breathed a breath of fresh air since that last family get together.

It’s not just you that had been wearing the same pair of pyjamas day in, day out for three weeks.

It’s not just you that can’t muster up the energy to tackle the dirty dishes.

It’s not just you that hasn’t cleaned your home for so long your house has its own stench.

It’s not just you that feels alone.

It’s not just you that doesn’t text back because it’s to much effort. 

It’s not just you that struggles to get out of bed in the morning.

It’s not just you that cries yourself to sleep every evening. 

It’s not just you that feels tired and hopeless all day.

It’s not just you that feels exhausted all the time but can’t sleep at night.

It’s not just you that called in sick to work because your mental health makes you feel physically ill.

It’s not just you that feels petrified at the thought of socialising or even walking into a public place.

It’s not just you that feels like a failure.

It’s not just you that has dreams but has no motivation to start achieving them. 

It’s not just you that can’t enjoy anything in life. 

It’s not just you that feels sad and a little bit lost.

It’s not just you thats depressed.

It’s not just you that feels like you are not worth getting better.

It’s not just you that is desperate for someone to talk to.

It’s not just you that fears judgement. 

It’s not just you that is reading this and relating to everything.


You are not alone feeling like this.

You will not be judged.

You have survived your darkest days so far.

You are worth getting better.

You are worth feeling good in yourself.

You are beautiful.

You are strong.

You have people that love you and care for you.

I am here for you.

You are not alone.


Please do not feel like you are alien, like no one understands or thinks you are disgusting for neglecting yourself. Each day is a new day and we can start by doing the smallest things. Yesterday doesn’t matter and tomorrow is a new opportunity. I wrote this for you. I wrote this so if you stumble across this post you know that there is a whole world of us out there, where we are all in the same rut. There is hope. 

Use this as an example, if there was no hope I wouldn't be here writing this for you to read. I am this person I experience living with this mental illness every day. Let me tell you, we are worth getting better, our lives are here to be lived, even with mental health issues. 

You have got this.


If you are feeling hopeless feel free to drop us a message for a chat or some advice, we are here free of judgment. Or please contact any of these organisations or your GP. Because you are worth living a full and sunny life, and go you for recognising your feelings and wanting help you are taking the first step in your recovery. You have got this. I believe in you.


Rethink Mental Illness

0300 5000 927



116 123 (freephone)



0300 304 7000


020 8519 2122



Or your GP.


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