5 Ways to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing- Or Help a Creative Block

Every single day I draw. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't doodle, write or create. Its always been my outlet one of my earliest memories every single weekend I would sit at my Nan's kitchen table and draw all day and all night. It's got to the stage now where I have to do it. I need to draw or let out my creativity in some way or my crazy beans start to grow, but that doesn't stop me from experiencing creative block. When it happens it's like trying to find a particular grain of sand on a beach. Lucky for me I am stubborn AF and whenever I get creative block I feel prepared enough to tell it to trot right off, think mean girls moment 'you can't sit with us'. Bye honey.

Well here are my 6 easiest ways to wade through a creative block. And send that little parasite packing.

1. Make a mood board.

This one is my favourite way to bust out of a creative draught. The best way to approach this is pick a colour you want to work with. Now scour every magazine, book, picture on your phone, social media (Pinterest is my fave for this) and save/cut out all of your most fabulous finds. Don't just go for pictures of beautiful models (although if this it what inspires you just pick one or two).

Look for at least one of each of these:

Font or text.


Abstract Patterns.



But don't be afraid if you see an image but only like one element in it, just cut it right out, like a bad friend. Go through what you've got now (be sure to print anything that is digital) and cut out around the main element that you love and start to layer up. Go in on the layering like its a cold winter day. I love layering forget about the main focus and try to create new images from what you have. Try and link similar elements in different images, find the common ground. Do they have the same colour? Same Texture? Same print? Same style?

When your done just admire it for a while like a new engagement ring. Now start sketching, when you feel stuck go back to it, pick out colours, textures, themes, silhouettes and sketch, sketch, sketch.

Heres one of my mood boards to show you what I mean:

A mood board of mine.


Find a book, a magazine, visit your favourite blog (oh stop, I know we were the first to come to your mind when you read that), new articles. It doesn't have to fit in with a theme, but I have found so much inspiration through reading, not through story lines, but maybe the concept of a subject the author covers, or a lot of the time I will find a few words I like and then I will brainstorm around them and see where they take me, I may find a new subject to focus on, I may end up on youtube watching videos of sassy animals, no matter what it gets my cogs turning.

3. Go outside.

Go for a walk. It doesn't matter the weather, just get out. Be mindful, this technique is about being in the moment and experiencing the world as it is in that second. You don't have to have a plan just walk, listen to the birds chirping their little songs away, watch for the leaves as they fall from the tree, watch how they fall let your mind walk with you and see what you see, smell or even just acknowledge your thoughts as they come and see what gold comes to mind. You could be the next Van Gogh but that tired little brain of yours just sometimes misses these golden opportunities when our minds are so swamped with the woes of life. You got this honey, your mind is a treasure chest. P.s take a note book or keep your phone notes open and jot any thoughts or ideas you get as you go along and revisit them when you get home.

4. Listen.

Put your music on shuffle, and pick a song, and listen, take note of how it makes you feel, could this be a theme to explore for a new project? Is there a lyric you could concentrate on? Listen doesn't just have to be to music, the tv, a podcast, your OH rambling on about you not moving your plate off the side when they've asked you 50 times to move it, but just listen. Its so easy to become numb to watch people are saying. Example. One day I was sat with the kids and they were watching and I actually listened to what the characters were saying and it inspired a whole range of prints from three words that were said in the show. Magic.

5. Watch

Another example where you have to dig deep and find your inner abundance of mindfulness. Just observe the world as it goes by, no matter where you are right now, just stop and watch for a while. Ignore the looks you will get of some strangers honey, they don't know you, your mind is a gold mine. Now take a mental or physical note if you too have a brain like a sieve and right down everything you see. If you are around people, observe the way they dress, walk, talk, the why they are acting, think about what they are doing in the same place as you and why. Now apply this to everything else you see around you inanimate or living.

Now that you've gone through all of these steps I hope one or all of these techniques have sparked your imagination in some way or gave you the motivation at least to start getting creative or get through that block.

One last word from me and my biggest piece of advice would be honey, your mind is golden, stay fabulous, stay creative and keep going, you'll get through it wiser and more creative than ever.