Let's Be Kind - How Small Acts of Kindness Can Change The World

The world is in political turmoil at the moment. All I feel I ever see the mainstream media report is the bad and the ugly. Where is the good? I wish we lived in a whimsical world full of happy and kind people. Where’re we we’re all free to live our lives without fear of judgment. We can all dream though right? But you may be just one of 7 billion people living on this planet but you can change the world.

How you may ask? By being kind. It sounds simple, but let me give you an example. Abel may have autism. Yes I said it out loud on the internet for the world (or just my family who read it in support). So he finds every day life difficult. He has very severe and frequent meltdowns, he struggles to communicate, he is very stuck in his ways. I know he can't help it. I KNOW he can't but others don't, and they judge him. They don't understand his ways and often frown at him or judge him. Yes there are many people I've met that have judged my 2 and a half year old son. Anyway enough of the haters, I wrote a little poem about one amazing thing that happened to us that completely changed my perspective in life.

My little boy is a funny boy,

A lovely boy, a loving boy.

Others sometimes struggle to see how he sees the world each day,

His life is not easy like others not to eat, speak or play.

He loves very few things but what he loves he loves dear.

He’s over the moon to see a train, horse or digger near.

He gets so excited and his eyes light up,

His heart fills with joy as he shouts mommy look!

He sits in the window watching slow,

As the cars drive by and the buses they go,

But one quiet day he saw a horse,

He begged to go see, mommy said yes of course!

We ran outside really fast to go see,

We heard the clip clops and his heart filled with glee.

We watched on the pavement as the horse trotted slow,

But he loved it so much he needed to go.

He chased after the horsey mum trailing behind,

So excited, so happy it filled his whole mind.

He ran up the street shouting hello mrs horse,

Then her rider noticed and changed her course.

She stopped the horse and they turned right around,

The clip clops became really loud on the ground,

He looked up the street as the horse came near,

Close, now. bowing her head, feeling no fear.

Despite his excitement he calmed and walked slow,

Stroking the horsey never wanting to go,

For the horse and it’s rider had changed his whole day.

They lightened it up and lifted the grey.

As they rode away back on their usual route

He was so excited he looked so cute

As he shouted around for all to hear

That he met a nice horsey and it came really near,

He ran home to tell everyone who’d listen

The horse made his day and made his eyes glisten

When the world judges him for not being like the rest

A moment like this was just the best.

For that small act of kindness we will hold in our hearts

A special memory, never to depart.

Poem written by myself.

Illustration of Abel and The horse, Illustrated by myself.

Illustration of Abel and The horse illustrated by myself, available to buy here.

Yep. That really happened to us. It was the loveliest experience. It got my brain going, if this small act of kindness, that happened to us and took just a minute from the ladies day but it made our whole day.

Imagine if we could all do something selfless like this? Smile at the stranger who's secretly struggling. Help the stressed mom you see trying to clamber her buggy up the stairs. Stand up for someone on the bus. Help an elderly person cross the road. Smile at the angry lady at the checkout. You have no idea how these free actions that we all have the capability of doing could change someones life path.

You could restore that persons faith, you may put an extra spring in their step on the way to a work interview, they get the job. Before that they were struggling to find money for food. You helped make that happen.

It is the simplest things in life. If we pay more attention to our surroundings, and others with sympathy and kindness we can help others through life. So be like the lady riding the horse, next time you notice an opportunity to do a kind and selfless thing do it you could change someones world. What better feeling to end your day on knowing that you could of changed a life by something as simple as a smile?