Oh Little Bing x Abel And The Label Collaboration - Who, What, Where, How?

If you don't follow Abel and The Label on Instagram (you should and you can click here too) or you may already. Recently myself and amazing small clothing brand Oh Little Bing have collaborated. Even if you are already aware of the collaboration I thought it would be fun to give you a little knowledge on how it all came to life and where you can buy it.

Back when I started sharing the goings on of Abel and The Label on the gram around 6 months ago, I was interested in following more small business on Instagram to support them, one of my followers who I followed had posted a picture on IG of her little one in a pair of stunning embroidered dungarees and I HAD to follow this brand. I was in LOVE. I was still very shy and I was looking through their IG posts and thought I would love to collaborate with these people. Luckily the lovely Lindsey who runs the business messaged me and we got chatting about how awesome a collaboration one day would be.

A few months down the line Lindsey messaged to ask if id like to go ahead with a valentines collaboration in the new year. Of course I agreed. Fast forward to the new year and the both of us were ready to put our virtual heads together and start designing. I offered Lindsay to look through any of my previous work and let me know if she like anything I could either adapt, or get a feel of the style she wanted to go for. Little did I know she had her eyes on this design I had never gotten developed into a print I had just created for Instagram:

I have to admit most of the hard work was done by Lindsey. She created the embroidery, sourced and picked the gorgeous 100% cotton Breton Striped Tees, worked hard for weeks perfecting the size, the positioning, the styling etc. She lovingly makes every single t shirt and every piece of clothing that she sells. It is an honour to collaborate with such an amazing brand. Not only does Lindsey offer beautiful and sentimental pieces of clothing but her customer service is top notch.

You may of noticed a valentines day collaboration. Yes it was a valentines collaboration but the design has been so popular that Oh Little Bing will be keeping the design on the website for you to purchase all year round. After all love is the gift that keeps on giving all day every day right?

Oh Little Bing and I are looking forward to collaborating again in the very near future so keep your virtual eyes peeled for any sneak peaks!

I have a treat for your eyes! Below are just a handful of the amazing customer photos we have received! You can buy the collaboration here: prices start from just £16.

Thanks for reading!

Isabelle xoxox